Plastic Foil Pallet Labeling


Industry / Branch: Logistics / Retail - Food Processing
Solution: Plastic foil pallet labeling
Hard/Software: CL608e

The customer
The customer is a manufacturer of a wide selection of quality jams, confectionary products, as well as fruit preparations for the dairy and baking products industry.

The company employs about 1,300 staff members at their headquarters in Aachen, and it had a turnover of around 600 million Euros in 2005. With a fruit processing capacity of several hundred tons daily output volume, it is one of Europe’s largest fruit processing companies.

The application
The customer has already been using SATO printers in their fruit processing facilities for several years, such as for instance a CL408e for the marking of product containers with a tracking label containing important product data.

The company maintains a cold store with a storage capacity of up to 18.000 pallets of fruit containers.

After the production of prepared fruits, which are used in dairy products, such as yogurts, every container is labeled with a foil label for process control. This label contains the information on the ingredients based on each new customer order.

So far, the company had been using laser printers to print these foil labels. However, this method often caused problems, as the printers overheated after printing just a few labels. Through the so-called “bleeding” of the labels, where glue comes out over the label edges, the printable foil kept getting stuck in the transport unit of the printer.

As the foil label for labeling the pallets needed to have rather larger size to ensure good readability, SATO recommended the use of their CL608e.

This 6-inch printer is able to print labels up to 152 mm wide (with a media size of up to 178 mm), and foil labels do not present any problem whatsoever.

The extremely good paper guidance through two carrier rolls assures perfect print quality even with large labels.

In addition, the customer was convinced by its user-friendliness in terms of easy handling and the low maintenance need.

Speed and Endurance with SATO’s CLe Series – the Customers’ Choice
The CLe Series convinces customers through its unrivalled processing power. This field-proven technology can be employed even in the harshest industrial environments. Thanks to its easy handling, such as quick and simple changing of ribbons and label rolls, it stands out clearly from competition.

These 6-inch wide printers are ideal for printing pallet labels, and come with a 203 dpi or 305 dpi printhead. Their internal memory can be expanded to save an immense number of True Type Fonts™, graphics and formats, and they come with the customer’s choice of interface: LAN, USB, IEEE1284 or the high-speed RS232C.
User-friendliness, as well as low maintenance and durability, were the main arguments for choosing