CSR Viridian

End User:  CSR Viridian

SATO Products: SATO GL408e Printers, Custom manufactured consumables
Viridian is the result of two acquisitions by CSR. One the Australian and New Zealand arm of the Pilkington business and the other DMS Glass - both businesses had been progressive and innovative market leaders, introducing many groundbreaking advances to Australasian glass design and manufacture. Together, the combination of the Pilkington and DMS businesses enabled CSR to add a powerful glass brand to its already impressive range of building and construction products and brands which include Bradford Insulation, Gyprock, Hebel, Monier, Wunderlich, PGH and many others. As Viridian, the traditions of innovation and technological advancement will continue to flourish and expand.
Manufacturing sites across 6 states providing high volume production across both industrial and automotive glass manufacturing, has meant a high volume of suitable consumables are required and quality industrial barcode printers are needed to keep up with the demand. Ensuring that all aspects of operations of this scale are cost and time efficient are of the utmost importance to all businesses and for Viridian it has included taking a critical look at the labelling inputs to their business.
The SATO GL408e printers provide Viridian with a high volume output printer at a value price. The GL printers were trialled extensively to ensure perfect replacement for the previous printers prior to the purchasing decision being made to change printer model across the entire business. In addition to the product performance, the initial cost savings in purchasing the GL printers and the well priced spare parts that many be required in the future also made the printer a great solution for the innovative CSR Viridian business.
When initial cost of printers and low ongoing service costs were combined with the competitively priced custom consumables manufactured by SATO in Melbourne, the overall savings to the Viridian business were substantial. SATO hardware , service & consumables manufacturing offer CSR Viridian a total solution to their labelling needs nationally.

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