Paper Roll Labelling with Wide Web Printer M10e




Industry / Branch:

Paper Production



Paper Roll Labelling



M10e custom Print & Apply solution
SATO carbon ribbons




The customer

A US-based global leader in paper production and distribution, packaging and forest products, including building materials. The company has over 25 different paper mills located throughout the US and Canada, international operations in nearly 40 countries and makes annual Sales of almost $25 billion.

The application

The challenge was to label master rolls (so-called “logs”) of different types of paper products. A master roll of paper can be from 30 to 78 inches wide and weigh over a ton. Each master roll of paper manufactured needs to receive at least 2 shipping labels. Label sizes vary from 11 x 14, 11 x 17 and 4 x 13 inches.

As the customer’s labels are very long, the usual standard of 984 feet of ribbon per roll was not enough. Therefore, SATO R&D especially approved 1,181 feet of ribbon for the M10e.

Secondly, the labels were supplied by another converter (not SATO) and the supplied label material was difficult to print, as the paper stock was the customer’s own paper with an offset coating, not a thermal transfer coating



In this case, SATO was required to work with labels from another supplier, as well as with ribbons from multiple vendors to find the best ribbon/label combination.

As a first step, SATO America, together with their business partner, made an on-site evaluation of a paper mill, in order to see the labeling operation. SATO then acquired customer labels for in-house testing. Real-size paper rolls were labeled with test ribbons, which allowed the actual results to be observed directly.

The customer’s Quality Control Engineer conducted initial tests with the different ribbons supplied by SATO and others. Ribbons were selected based on printer location, face stock and durability. Three ribbon formulas were tested: Flat black ribbons, Full resin ribbons and Wax/resin ribbons. Early testing showed that none of the test ribbons produced the required print quality test results.

Final Steps to win:

  • SATO adjusted the printer for optimum performance on the label stock
  • Final ribbon selection was made
  • SATO’s trained business partner went to the customer with the selected ribbons for testing
  • Customer approval was achieved

As a conclusion, two different M10e custom Print & Apply solutions were put into place:

M10e prints and peels
in an upside down position:
M10e prints and peels
a label for vertical placement:

The M10e printed label travels (adhesive side up) a short distance on the conveyor to where the paper “log” will roll over the label, applying the label to the “log” roll.


The M10e proved to be the ideal solution. Its wide web, 305 dpi resolution proved to be the best replacement printer tested.

SATO America, together with their Business Partner, was awarded a contract for 158 printers, as well as 18,000+ ribbons to replace the following competitors:
• Printronix T3308, P5210, P5010, P6080L
• Datamax DMX W-8306
• HP LaserJet 8150N

In addition to excellent product performance, the key to this success was the close cooperation between SATO, the local business partner, and the customer. Every step of the process – from on-site survey via testing of best label-ribbon performance to a complete offer (incl. service contract etc.) lead to the successful conclusion of the deal.