SATO CX Series Increases Productivity in the Laboratory

End user: Chemical producer
System: Barcode labelling using chemical resistant labels and the compact SATO CX printer
Benefits: Improved efficiency and productivity

This company produces various chemicals, used in medicines, tyre production, detergents etc. Their research laboratories carry out a series of tests on the chemicals, to ensure that they are highly effective and safe to use. Tested substances were labelled by hand.

The hand-written text on the test labels was often illegible, squeezed on to a small area or written in a hurry. When inevitably coming into contact with some of the chemicals, the problem of disappearing ink was encountered. Information was often lost and the tests had to be repeated. The manual keeping of the records was also very time-consuming. A review of the system was needed.

Solution: 100% Legibility
Barcode labels were seen as the best replacement for the hand written text labels. A small barcode could hold all the necessary information - test number, contents, division number and date of test without taking up the space. The label would now be 100% legible when read with a scanner.

The problem of disappearing ink was overcome by using chemical resistant labels. These were printed using the SATO CX Series, a compact, low cost printer that fits easily into the workspace and budget.

These printers were placed in the various laboratories and were connected via the network to a main database, where all test data was stored. Customised software was installed to design and control the printing of labels.

Benefits: Speed and Efficiency
The introduction of the SATO CX printer and chemical resistant labels meant no more hand-written labels. The printed labels were now 100% legible and the use of barcodes meant far more data could be presented on the small label. Barcodes also meant increased efficiency. Information could be scanned directly into their databases, saving time and avoiding typing errors.

The on-demand labelling with the SATO CX increased the speed of testing. Manual record keeping became redundant with the new system and productivity in the laboratories was increased.