Special aluminum and carton labels to use in a high temperature

End user: Lacroix Electronics – electronic devices producer
Labels for identifying electronic devices and components and hydraulic devices
Benefits: Reliable labels with durable print resistant to constant work in high temperatures of approx. 95°C

Our client turned to us because they couldn’t find on the Polish market any label supplier who could deliver aluminum and carton labels. Client was in need of two different labels made of two different materials, which would be applied on metal hydraulic devices working constantly in temperature of 95°C. One of the labels would be aluminum with preprinted information, the other a carton label with acrylic adhesive. Because of approaching important deadline the delivery time for these labels was very short.

Client's Constraints
Lack of supplier of carton labels in Poland and aluminum labels with pre-print in Europe.

We offered our client a special carton material produced in SATO factory in Japan. The material to make aluminum labels was also produced in Japan. Due to time restrains both aluminum pre-printed labels and white carton labels were produced in Japan. Because there were no claims or negative opinion about those labels the order was repeated the year after.

In the same time carton material was tested and approved to use with another devices – steering main board for xenon lights and a main board for Air Conditioning in the cars.
Thanks to this SATO supplies Lacroix Electronics already 5 different carton labels.

Thermal transfer print with SATO resin ribbon on carton labels is vivid and durable, restrains high temperatures. Right match of face material and carbon ribbon made by SATO, guaranties reliability and persistence of print.

Lacroix obtained a solid source of supply with high quality labels made of material meeting any demands of their application and a business partner who is able to deliver even most unique and demanding labels. Price of labels offered by SATO was also recognized as very cost effective as far as its high quality is concerned.