SATO Magnetic Card Solution

Make Your Customers Loyal? SATO Has The Right Solution For You.

The New Generation of SMART Cards

SATO Magnetic Card is a smart card embedded with a magnetic object that can store up to hundred bytes of digital data. Using point card concept, the data can be rewritable up to 500 times and retrievable by either swiping the card through a reading device or holding the card next to a magnetic card reader.

SATO Magnetic Card, the new generation of smart card, will be the catalyst to springboard companies to the next tier of increased customer loyalty and profitability.

Brief Profile of Established Customers using SATO Magnetic Card Solutions:

Retail Industry

Customer is one of the biggest Japanese electronic retailers with outlets across Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Beauty Industry

Customer is recognised as the Superbrand in Singapore, the customer provides high quality solutions to troubled skin and Asian skin. Another major customer is a leader in preservative-free  cosmetics, and nutritional supplements with more than 200 retail outlets throughout Japan. Its new subsidiary is also a user of SATO Magnetic Card Solutions.

Food and Beverage Industry

Customer is one of the Japanese food franchisees in Singapore serving its signature ramen and other delicacies.

Apparel Industry

Customer is Japan's leading creator of intimate apparel for woman and has stores located throughout Japan and countries such as Singapore and China.

Applications of SATO Magnetic Card Solution

SATO Magnetic Card Solution can be used extensively in many environments:

Retail StoreBeauty Salon

Petrol KioskBank

HotelDental Centre

Recreation ClubHospital

Food & Beverage Outletand many more...

SATO Magnetic Card Solution samples:

The common application includes:


Show a personalised message on the card that is unique to customer. Impress customer by updating them daily with information such as events, loyalty points and special promotions.

Loyalty Programme

Increase customer satisfaction while tracking their updated points balance, rewards and promotions easily on the card.

Appointment Card

Turn appointment cards into ideal CRM tool. Provide customers with legible and accurate appointment schedule and upcoming promotions.

Key Features of Card

  • New & innovative concept
  • Rewritable up to 500 times
    (Leuco – 300 times)
  • Ultra thin & light weight
    (equivalent to the thickness of an A4 paper)
  • Waterproof / Scratchproof
  • Trendy & impressionable
  • Simple maintenance
  • Personalised & updatable information

Benefits to Companies

  • Reach out to each and very one of your customers effortlessly and effectively
  • Increase short-term sales via promotions by instant notificationto customers
  • Print advertisement message on the printable area whenever, wherever

Benefits to Customers

  • Be the first to receive promotional message or personal message
  • Constantly aware of earned points and latest discounts/sales
  • Always updated about current point status to redeem shopping points

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