End User: New Balance
SATO Products: HT200e, Custom printed price markdown labels
New Balance is a leading global athletic products company, specialising in superior athletic footwear. Their global product brands include New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior and Brine. The Australian business focuses on the New Balance brand, with operations including 11 branded outlet stores in addition to the broad supply nationally to hundreds of sporting goods stores.
The existing system for pricing and price markdowns in the outlet stores was limited, extremely manual and lacking in appeal to customers looking for an impulse purchase. When stock arrived in store a new barcode label with the "retail" price for the product was printed and attached to each item and then the markdown price was then handwritten onto items using a "red pen". Each item required this 2 step process prior to being placed on show in store.
New Balance chose to trial the HT and label system in-store to prove the concept to themselves and gain both staff and customer feedback. The system included overprinting of their chosen labels with the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) as well as highlighting the "NOW" price for the product as a single step process, completely replacing the need to print a new barcode or handwrite on products. The feedback from staff at the trial site and the stores customers was positive and the increased sales proved the concept. The system has since rolled out across all outlet stores.
The labelling system is vastly quicker and easy for staff to use. Eliminating one of the steps in the process to prepare stock for the shopfloor saved considerable time in store. In addition the appearance of stock was vastly improved by the use of professional looking labels, providing greater appeal to customers as shown in increased turnover/sales of stock in stores.
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