RFID Compliance Labeling

JVC Americas Corp., a subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Limited, is a leading developer and manufacturer of audio and video products, including home theater projectors, video camcorders, audio components and systems, DVD players, digital storage devices, and other consumer electronics.

RFID Compliance Labeling

Business Challenge
In 2005, home entertainment and electronics retailer Best Buy announced that it would require suppliers to begin tagging merchandise destined for its distribution centers with RFID labels based on the Electronic Product Code (EPC) specification. Best Buy, like Wal-Mart and other major retailers, hopes to improve supply chain efficiency and inventory visibility using RFID.

Faced with this compliance mandate, JVC Americas needed to find a reliable labeling solution that could meet Best Buy's requirements

JVC has deployed the SATO America CL408e UHF RFID label printer at three of its distribution centers to meet the Best Buy compliance mandate. The distribution centers have also been equiped with PowerCart DC 1200 battery-powered carts that allow the company to deploy the printers at the point of activity.

The rugged CL408e printers are compatible with the EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000 standards and deliver high-speed label throughput.

JVC prints RFID labels compliant with Best Buy's label specification for cases and pallets of headphones, digital cameras, DVDs, digital tapes, and other merchandise destined for Best Buy distribution centers.

The RFID labeling system is integrated with JVC's warehouse management system from Frameworx, Inc., a software vendor based in Japan. IT staff from JVC's Japanese operations led the implementation of the RFID label printers in the company's facilities in Douglasville, Ga., Aurora, Ill and Cypress, CA.

* System meets Best Buy compliance label mandate
* Printers provide reliable RFID labeling solution

Customer Comments
"We experience far fewer problems with our SATO printers than the other types of printers that we have used. The SATO label printers are very reliable. In the past three years, we have not needed to have them serviced at all."
Kirk Lagemann, Warehouse Manager, JVC Americas Corp.