End User: Video Ezy
SATO Products: HT200e, Customised Labels
Video Ezy is an Australia wide chain of over 450 DVD stores offering rental and sales. Stores operate on a franchise model with independent or group ownership of stores across the chain. As a household name for over two decades, Video Ezy strives for excellence in home entertainment, delivering to its members a service that is dynamic and innovative with a focus on quality and value for money.
Labelling of merchandise had traditionally provided challenges when trying to present standardised presentation across all stores. Labelling had taken various forms from handwritten labels to hand labelling guns to professionally printed depending on the store. A common issue was that more than one label was required to show Video Ezy branding as well as product pricing. Overall the pricing in store, especially during promotions presented a time-intensive activity for staff and duplication of labels meant unnecessary costs.
Combination of SATO HT200e printer and range of custom printed Video Ezy label designs means that only a single label is necessary to brand and price products. The standalone capabilities of the HT200 with its own keypad and battery option for complete portability mean that labelling time has been significantly reduced. Custom labels combined with formats within printer enable in-store overprinting of pricing labels on demand for fast pricing and markdown of products at any time they are required. The end result presents professional company branding but more importantly improved customer service and increased impulse purchases through clear pricing of products.
More efficient labelling means lower costs through reduced consumable requirements and decreased demand on time in store to label products, but more importantly improved branding and labelling of products for customers has meant increased sales.
Customer comments:
"It is easy to use, staff can just print labels as and when they need them. The labels look very professional and far better than the handgun/handwritten labels we were previously using. " Michelle, Paterson Group Retail Manager.
"It just makes life so much easier. You are able to change label designs and promotions at the touch of a button. I can now change price point and run new promotions very easily - the flexibility is great." Michael, Store Owner Mount Gambier.
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