1D Type Barcodes GS1-128 ITF Code-39 Code 128

Character Set All ASCII characters & control codes Numbers Uppercase letters Numbers Space-.$/+% All ASCII characters & control codes
Length Variable 14 or 16 Variable Variable
Application(s) Logistics Distribution Logistics Healthcare Automotive Retail Healthcare Logistics

2D Type Barcodes Data Matrix QR Code RSS PDF 417

Marking on small items

Fast reading

Fast reading 360° scanning

Large data storage
Option to scan only the lower portion

Flexibility in barcode patterns
Large data storage

High security

Flexibility in barcode size

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Comparison between 1D and 2D Barcode
Type 1D 2D
Data Capacity Small Big
Data Type Numbers, English Numbers, multi-language and other binary information
Error Correction Yes No
Dependence on Database Yes No
Nature Object label & Index Description on objects

Comparison between Barcode and RFID
Attributes RFID Barcode
Data Transmission Electromagnetic/Wireless Optical
Reading Capability No line of sight Line of sight
Tag Reading Multiple One by one
Reading Speed 500/min 80/min
Moving Object Reading Yes No
Data Modification Yes No
Data Volume 1 bit – 16 MB <100 bytes
Access Security High Little but possible
Anti-Collision Possible Not possible

Security QR Codes (SQRC)

SQRC (Security QR Code) is developed from the QR code and is meant to prevent unauthorised access to the personal and private data captured of users. With the Security QR Code, only authorised users with the correct encryption key can access the hidden data.


Healthcare Industry

Prevent disclosure of patient’s personal information:
  • Hide National Registration Identity Card numbers, residential address, contact numbers, age etc
  • Only authorised users (Doctors abd Nurses) are issued with an encryption key to access the hidden information.
SQRC can be used on patients’ wristbands, specimen, medical records, visitors’ sticker pass, medicine prescription, blood bag and medication labels.

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General Application Forms

When you are filling up an application form, do you feel unsafe when the mandatory fields are for your personal information? For example National Registration Identity Card numbers, credit card numbers etc.

In a company, not all information in a form is necessary to be revealed to staff of all levels in a company. Information that talks about changes in the company structure, profit and loss details, staff salary, etc. are needed to be revealed to staff who need to know.

With the SQRC, we can solve the above issue by hiding the “confidential” information and revealing the “public” information. The hidden information is safely locked within the QR code and available for access only by authorised personnel with the correct encryption key.

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SQRC in Ticketing Sector


High security ticketing services can be implemented at your ticketing booth. Information on the date and time of purchase can be hidden in a QR code for verification purpose at the ticketing booth. However, the details of the user remains unknown as it is hidden in the QR code. Only personnel with the correct encryption key can access the hidden information.

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Other Applications

  • Asset Tracking
  • Auditing Date of Purchase
  • Warranty Period
  • Product information
  • Location Clocking Verification
  • Delivery address for equipment installation
  • Verification of customer information for any prize redemption
  • Membership card with hidden customer’s particulars

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