SATO Special Labels

SATO works with established vendors that adhere to high standards for paper and ink supplies. Our label-converting facilities produce the highest quality special labels to meet all of your labelling needs.
Here are some example of SATO special labels :

Security Labels

Tamper Resistant Labels
A label with special die-cuts to ensure that the whole label cannot be peeled off in 1 piece and reused. Good to prevent thefts and misuse.
Void Labels
When removed, the surface, where the label was previously applied on, will still bear under-markings of the label.
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Nameplate Labels

Aluminium Foil Nameplates
This thin and flexible aluminium nameplate will maintain their original good looks under a broad variety of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long term outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals for many years.
UL® Approved Labels
Ideally suited for a wide range of label applications for both commercial and industrial, this UL approved polyester labels are durable, resist tearing, heat and abrasion and dimensionally stable. They can withstand household cleaners, mild acids, oil and water.
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RFID Labels

RFID labels come with underlying microchip attached to an antenna to receive and send signals to a reader. The SATO FlagTagSolutionTM is yet another breakthrough in the industry, folding the label in such a way that the inlay (chip and antenna) is flagged up in order to achieve a better read performance otherwise compromised by metal, aluminum and liquid.
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Other Labels

Pattern Gum Labels
A label that is sticky on one end and non-sticky on the other. For easy tearing of whole label or for tearing out the non-sticky part for registration or other purposes.
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