SATO Ticketing

SATO ticketing is printed with a heavy thick paper card indicating that the holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service for passage or admission. For the convenience of concert tickets, exhibitions badges, conferences badges, theatre tickets, gift vouchers, admission tickets, parking coupons, airline tickets etc.
The tickets can be customized with pre-printed company logo or color images. Information like descriptions, seat numbers, time, price, barcodes and serial numbers etc will be printed on the tickets for identification and verification.

Event Ticket (Wristband Type)

event wristband
Event wristbands are usually use for admission or special access to VIP areas, fast-pass, concerts, amusement park. They are worn by your paid guests that allow your staff to spot the guests clearly. The edge of the wristband comes with special die-cuts to ensure it cannot be peeled off in 1 piece and reused, this is to prevent transferrable to authorized areas. Pre-printed your company logo, sponsors' logos, dates, special offers, etc can be done. Serial numbered wristbands are also great for keeping inventory of wristbands and tracking admissions. They can also be used for special promotion. wristband for events such as concerts, amusement park etc