Mojix STAR System – Real-Time Location System

The Mojix STAR system is the first of a revolutionary new class of RFID systems, enabling unprecedented levels of precision and scalability in supply chain management and asset tracking.

A Mojix STAR system is a single network element at the enterprise edge. Based on Mojix's innovative distributed architecture, a single system consists of one or more STAR receivers managing up to one million low-cost Mojix eNode transmitters arranged in a star network topology and oriented to define the system's three dimensional coverage area, in or out of doors. Mojix eNodes provide energy to all passive RFID tags within their specified interrogation spaces, while the centralized, high-sensitivity Mojix STAR receiver reads the resulting tag signals from across the system's potentially vast coverage area - up to 250,000 sq. feet.

A STAR system includes a STAR 3000 (comprised of a Mojix STAR Receiver Array and Mojix Master Controller) and multiple Mojix eNode transmitters which can be wired or wireless.

Mojix STAR Advantage
With a single read point controlling hundreds of easily deployed eNodes, a Mojix STAR system molds flexibly to the requirements of one or many concurrent business processes, and enables organizations to advance beyond conventional RFID's isolated read points with their 50-foot range limitations and achieve genuine RFID ubiquity in a cost effective manner. The Mojix STAR system delivers capabilities orders of magnitude beyond previous RFID system offerings to enable, for the first time, all-encompassing real-time views of enterprises and supply chains, with total transparency into the true position and status of goods and assets.
• Global Class 1 Gen 2 Passive tag (No Battery)
• Read rate of upto 700 tags/sec and excited read reliability exceeding 99.9 percent at the pallet, carton or item level
• Inventory Check with just one click
• Precise Inventory Control and known location for every item
• Eliminate Inventory Checking time
• Fast, accurate & Reliabl
• Real-time location System for Asset
• Wide Area Coverage

Simplified System Deployment and Management
Because the Mojix STAR system is a single network appliance controlling thousands of read points, network traffic can be minimized and device management greatly simplified compared to conventional RFID systems. The Mojix STAR allows for improved total cost of ownership through deployment and system maintenance by simplifying configuration and technology refresh.

Mojix Solutions

1. DDD 
    a. Dock Door Discrimination with Staging Rejection 
    b. Dual Mode Shipping and Receiving Capabilities 
    c. Pallet Build Areas with Staging Rejection

2. RTLS – Real-time Location System 
    a. Real Time Asset Visibility 
    b. Ubiquitous coverage 
    c. Real time Inventory 
    d. Cycle Counting 
    e. Track & Trace 
    f. Work In Progress
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Type of Applications:
1. Logistics/Distribution
2. Vehicle Tracking
3. RTI (Returnable Transport Item) Management
4. Finished Goods
5. Perishables
6. Asset Management/WIP
7. Apparel/Retail
8. Oil & Gas

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